Black Mold Test Kit

test your home according to the IAC2, International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants. Test for toxic black mold in your home, school or office. Safe Home Premium Mold Test Kit is a lab kit. You will take the sample and send the kit into our certified laboratory. This kit also provides the. The PRO-LAB Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit provides a comprehensive solution for detecting, analyzing, and addressing mold concerns within your indoor and outdoor. The Air Quality Mold Test Kit allows you to collect up to 20 air samples (call for bulk ordering). Air samples are taken using spore traps to capture airborne. The Moldlab Pro Mold Test Kit is an easy way for home inspectors to offer mold testing to their customers and increase their profits. At $99* a kit, inspectors.

Mold Testing · Mold Exposure · Getting Rid of Mold · Black Mold · Mold Test Kit at Home · Mold Polishing · Mold Infestation. GOT MOLD? Test Kits offer professional air testing without the cost or hassle of hiring an inspector. Shop today for a healthier tomorrow! We strive to show you how to identify problems and how to use our mold test kit properly. Our product contains 3 tape lift samples(surface test), a quick start. With this test kit, you can test surfaces like walls or counters, or chunks of material like drywall or insulation. Once sent off to our AIHA-accredited lab, we. Mold tests by ImmunoLytics are easy to use, and show you exactly which mold types and concentrations are in the air you are breathing. Once the test is complete. The ProLab Mold Test Kit is designed for do it yourself use with accurate and reliable results. It uses the same dust sampling methods that are conducted by. The PRO-LAB® MOLD TEST KIT is designed for “do it yourself” use with accurate and reliable results. Detects toxic black mold. Explore a range of high-quality mold test kit designed for easy use and reliable results in the comfort of your home. Free shipping on orders over $ Be on the lookout for discoloration of walls, ceiling, or anything made of wood or paper. Mold growth can be almost any color: white, black, green, fluorescent. The PRO-LAB Professional Mold Test Kit (patented) is designed to detect dangerous molds that may be in your home or office. The test kit offers four (4) easy. The “Informant PLUS” is designed to detect the most common black mold producing species of Aspergillus, Penicillium, Stachybotrys and many of the major & minor.

Indoor mold testing · Results in minutes · No lab required · Most economical mold test · Professional consultation included · Detects only harmful molds · 3 easy. Indoor Mold Test Kit - Identify Toxic Black Mold Spores in Your Home, School or Office - Easy and Reliable Testing for Health and Safety. Find My Store. The 5-Minute Mold Test detects the most worrisome mold spores AND mold particulates as determined by the US EPA. Uniquely, the 5-Minute Mold Test Kit includes. The Quick Mold Test detects the microscopic proteins associated with mold growth and related allergens that react with the Quick Mold Test reagents to produce. GOT MOLD? Test Kits offer professional-grade air testing without the cost or hassle of hiring an inspector. Take control of your health today! Black Mold and Mildew | EPA Approved & AIHA Accredited Lab Analysis | Shipping & Lab Fees Included for 3 Samples. Image 1 of Mold Test. Detects toxic black mold, pollen and dust mites; Air quality test kit offers both accurate and reliable results; Exposure to mold can result in respiratory. Everything you need to determine if you have mold, where you have mold, and what kind of mold you have. From DIY Kits to professional equipment! Test Kit for Toxic Black Mold in your home, school or office · This mold test kit should be used as your first step in identifying toxic mold spores that could.

The LabTech® Mold OK™ Detection Kit is a safe method for sampling the areas where mold is present. The kit uses the same easy collection procedure used by. The DIY Mold Test Kit includes a free certified laboratory analysis and report, return shipping and laboratory fees. Keep your family safe with a DIY test. You can use this single kit in one of three ways—to test the air for mold spores, to test air quality in your HVAC duct, or to test for surface mold. To use the. Take surface mold samples with our free lift tapes; $30 lab analysis identifies mold types and risks. If a homeowner wants to test for mold spores in the air, they'll need to purchase a viable mold detection kit such as Seeml Labs' Mold Inspector in a Box; most.

The ProLab Mold Test Kit is designed for do it yourself use with accurate and reliable results. It uses the same dust sampling methods that are conducted by. Easy, safe, and simple to use! Each mold kit comes with 3 surface tests, lab analysis, detailed results report, and an expert consultation to explain. Mold Test Kit page. The Air Check Mold Testing Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to use the Air Check Mold Test Kit! BLACK Air Check Test Kit.

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