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Download 16 years of intraday E-Mini S&P Futures(ES) data: 1-minute, 5-minute, minute, and 1-hour bars (open/high/low/close/volume) and tick-level. Download individual and continuous contracts for CME E-mini S&P Futures (ES). Simplify your futures trading workflow with our Python APIs. ES. Exchange Symbol, ES. Contract, E-Mini S&P Index. Exchange, CME. Tick Size, points ($ per contract). Margin/Maintenance, $12,/11, Daily. Contract Specifications:ES,CME. Trading Unit: $50 x S&P Stock Index. Tick Size index points = $ Quoted Units: index points, expressed to two. S&P E-Mini Mar '24 (ESH24). 5, (%) CT [CME]. 5, x 41 5, x underlying price (). S&P E-Mini Prices for Mon.

1 Like other futures contracts, E-minis are traded on the CME and other exchanges, and allow investors to hedge their bets or speculate on the price movements. New CME Group Micro E-mini Futures Contracts Available at IBKR for the Low Commissions. CME E-mini S&P futures contract, ticker symbol ES, is one of the most liquid futures contracts in the world and one of the most efficient and cost-effective. CME, $2 x Nasdaq Index, H,M,U,Z, / $ Micro E-mini Dow, MYM, CBOT/CME ES, CME, $50 x Index Value, H,M,U,Z, / $ E-mini Nasdaq, NQ. Get E-mini S&P (ES) historical prices as well as the latest futures prices and other commodity market news at Nasdaq. CME Group, its affiliates and any third party information and content providers expressly disclaim all liability with respect to the information and data. Exchange Symbol, ES ; Contract, E-Mini S&P Index ; Exchange, CME ; Tick Size, points ($ per contract) ; Margin/Maintenance, $12,/11, Take advantage of free live quotes on E-mini s&p options at Page 2. CME Group™, the Globe Logo®, CME Calls: ES. Puts: ES. provides end-of-day (EOD) data for an array of futures contracts traded through the CME Group. The CME, CBOE, COMEX, KBCT and NYMEX are all. Bitcoin Futures CME · Currencies · Currency Rates S&P Futures - Jun CME. Symbol. Exchange. Currency. ESM24, CME ES. Point Value: 1 = $ Months. Micro E-mini Futures are basically smaller versions of the CME Group's popular E-mini stock index futures contracts, checking in at just 1/10th the size. The.

CME. Note that individual brokers may require different margin amounts ES, $50, , $, $13,, $12,, 1,, Micro E-mini S&P , CME. Futures. ES=F - E-Mini S&P Mar CME - CME Delayed Price. Currency in USD. Follow. 5, (%). As of March 11 AM EDT. Market open. F* - E-Mini S&P Mar CME - CME Delayed Price. Currency in USD. Follow. 5, (%). As of February 23 PM EST. Market open. Five reasons to trade E-mini S&P options. Find out why market participants continue to turn to the deep, around-the-clock liquidity of E-mini S&P (ES). CME Group's U.S. Equity Index Products include futures and options on the benchmark S&P, NASDAQ, and Dow indices. Trade CME Group Futures with Interactive Brokers. CME Trade CME Group Futures with Interactive Brokers. Access Equities · ES. E-mini S&P Futures · NQ. E. E-mini S&P, often abbreviated to "E-mini and designated by the commodity ticker symbol ES, is a stock market index futures contract traded on the Chicago. ES, is a stock market index futures contract CME Group - daily trading volumes, ^ CME Group Statement on the Joint CFTC/SEC Report Regarding. (CME) under the ticker symbol ES. In addition to E-mini contracts, micro E-mini S&P contracts are also available for trade Key Takeaways. S&P

ES UpdateWell ECB meeting happened, market green. Looks like it can go further tomorrow on Ponzi Friday. CPI numbers Tuesday, will look at buying puts on. E-mini S&P futures are traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and allow traders to gain exposure to the S&P index, a widely recognized. The latest in our line of CME Spec Gibsons, Gibson Custom Shop “CME Spec” ESs offer a fresh take on the seminal semi-hollow body, with select specs. This page shows the trading hours, holidays, and time zone of the E-mini S&P Futures contract in the CME Future market. CME. ZS MMM YY. ECBOT. E-mini S&P ESMY. ESMY. CME. /ESMYY:XCME. ESMY. ESMY. @ES# or @ESMYY. ES MMMYY. CME. EP or EPMY. ESMY. GLOBEX. Micro E-mini S&P

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